Portrait of John Dickinson


Jane E. Calvert, Director and Chief Editor


Founding Father John Dickinson, known today as “the Penman of the Revolution,” published more for the American cause than any other figure. With his extensive knowledge of law and politics and eloquent expressions of patriotism, he was one of the foremost leaders of the era and America’s first political hero. The purpose of the John Dickinson Writings Project is to collect, edit, and publish in print and digital editions everything that he wrote on public affairs over the course of his life.

The Complete Writings and Selected Correspondence of John Dickinson will be published in print by the University of Delaware Press/Rutgers University Press. A digital edition will be published by Univerity of Virginia's Center for Digital Editing. The first volume (1751–1758) was published in 2020 and the second (1759–1763) appeared in 2021.


Winner of award for “Best Historical Materials of 2020 and 2021” from the American Library Association


I have been taking a review of past transactions in our eventful age, and it affords me a great deal of satisfaction to know, that though I never aimed at the Character of an author, yet, whenever peculiar circumstances have compelled me by a sense of duty to publish my sentiments, all my labors have been dedicated to the interests of liberty which always imply a connection with virtue and piety.

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Portrait of John Dickinson and manuscript image courtesy of The Library Company of Philadelphia